One of the most visited cities in the world

Dubai holds the world record for the tallest buildings and one of the busiest international airports in the world.  With its thriving economy and futuristic buildings, this forward-thinking city attracts people from all walks of life and boasts some of the greatest shopping and entertainment in the world.

Here are a few things a first-time visitor to Dubai should know

Although Dubai may not be as strict as you are led to believe the country is still following Muslim and Sharia laws, so it is always respectful to abide by these when visiting the country.

  • Wear Suitable clothing
    When you are out in public in Dubai it is respectful to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and reach your knees. Men must wear a top and if visiting a mosque woman need to be completely covered. When out in the desert, at a private resort or on the beach you can relax and wear shorts, bikini, etc.
    But just to be safe try to always dress as conservatively as possible or if need be ask your hotel or resort concierge for advice.
  • You are not allowed any public displays of affection and this includes holding hands, kissing and especially no touching of any intimate parts of the body. You may not hug or cuddle either as public displays of affection are unlawful and can get you thrown out of the country, kissing in public can lead to jail time
  • During their Holy month of Ramadan, you are not allowed to chew gum, drink, eat or smoke in public places during the daylight. Between sunrise and sunset, nothing is allowed to pass between your lips and tourists are required to abide by these laws whilst out in public places.
  • The drinking of alcohol is only permitted in certain areas and not allowed in public places.
  • The weekend starts on a Friday and ends on Saturday making Sunday a normal working day.
  • On the Dubai Metros, there are carriages that are only for woman and children men who do not abide by this are heavily fined
  • Disturbing the peace with loud music in public places is illegal.
  • Drugs, any erotic or pornographic material and firearms are illegal in Dubai.
  • They have recently opened up some the worlds biggest indoor theme parks that are dedicated to the likes of Cartoon Network and Marvel
  • They have a huge indoor ski park and a bar and nightclub filled with ice sculpture called the Chillout Ice Lounge so when you are sweltering you can go hit the ski slopes or chill out in the ice lounge.


Before travelling to any destination make sure you understand their rules, culture and laws.  Always check the climate and ensure you have packed accordingly.  For cities such as Dubai that frown upon any sort of drugs, in fact, it is illegal, try not to carry anything other than medication that has a prescription from a registered doctor such as heart medication, insulin, etc.